Do you need more customers to sell your product to? If yes, then you need more “leads”. A lead is simply a potential customer interested in purchasing your product. We self-generate thousands of real-time internet leads per day, consumers actively searching for your product online. They request a quote through our online forms, and are delivered to you within seconds.


Our ecosystem is based on a free-marketplace, like an auction, where the highest bidder wins. We have hundreds of partners purchasing leads 24/7 from our marketplace, and whoever has the highest “bid” price is the one who wins the lead. Expanding filters, buying during nights and weekends (off-hours), and filling in purchasing gaps are all ways to increase volume without increasing price.

    • Medicare Supplement
    • Medicare Advantage
    • Over Age 64.5
    • Under Age 64.5 (Disability)
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare)
    • Short Term (STM)
    • Qualifying Life Events (QLE)
    • Income/Household Size
    • Non-Subsidy
    • Subsidy
    • Medicaid
  • LIFE
    • Final Expense

We have a quality-over-quantity approach. It’s simple, if our leads convert into sales, you will keep buying. If our leads perform poorly, you won’t. We constantly optimize to ensure we have the highest conversion rates, and lowest CPA’s possible. 100% of our leads are self-generated through our own websites, we do not buy from affiliates and re-sell with a markup. Honesty, integrity, and ethics are the values that drive our company. We are in this for the long-haul, and looking for partners to be here with us, every step of the way.


The lead generation industry has received a bad name for low quality shared leads. The words “co-reg” and “incentivized” have a very negative connotation. We want to prove to our partners that we are not just another lead generation company, but are serious about quality and performance. As such, we only offer premium exclusive leads to remove all doubt that leads are being over-sold for profit.


We uniquely offer two different “Tiers” of leads, Tier 1 and Tier 2. Both Tiers are fully exclusive real-time internet leads. Tier 1 is generated from time-tested campaigns that have historically proven to convert very well for our partners, and subsequently fetch the highest pricing. While still exclusive, Tier 2 is used to test new sources, keywords, etc. It costs us less to generate, and quality/conversion rates are close to half of Tier 1, so we are able to pass on that cost savings to our buyers and still meet their CPA goals. Rather than “blending the sausage” to balance out quality, we completely separate volume into the two Tiers to give our partners full transparency.


We can integrate with almost any system, CRM, and/or lead management platform. Some of our most common types of integrations include: Ping/Post, HTTP Post, Flat Post, Email Delivery, API, and XML Post.


We have an online portal so you can view real-time volume reports, lead details, funds balance, and much more.