Inbound Calls
This is a type of phone call whereas a consumer initiates a phone call (an “Inbound Call”) by dialing one of the phone numbers on our website(s). The consumer then goes through an automated IVR which screens the caller with some pre-qualification questions to confirm intent, and then the call is transferred to our client. We like to call our inbound calls “triple verified” because there are really three different stages of verifying consumer intent. Stage 1, the consumer verifies interest through clicking on a targeted advertisement to our website. Stage 2, the consumer is presented with content and information on our site before placing a call. Stage 3, the consumer dials our phone number and goes through the IVR screening questions. All of this helps to create a very high quality and high intent consumer phone lead.

Warm Transfers
Our Warm Transfer phone calls are generated by our call center who dials out on our data leads and then converts them into a warm hand-off phone call (a “Warm Transfer”). The data leads that are dialed upon are highly targeted to begin with, so the intent from the consumers has already been verified, however the call center agent still confirms consumer intent by reading a phone script. At this point if the consumer is interested in speaking with an agent, the phone call will be transferred with a warm/live handoff.

Telemarketed Calls
We do not engage in this type of phone call activity. However, to clarify the difference between this and the two different options mentioned above, we will briefly explain here. Telemarketed phone calls are generally much lower quality then the types of phone calls mentioned under items 1 & 2 above. The reason for this is because the consumer generally did not initially request to be contacted about the products and services that the call center agent is offering. The call center agent generally has to be more aggressive in their phone sales script and get a consumer to agree to be transferred to an agent to someone else (an insurance agent, etc.) about the products or services being offered. While there is a relatively large volume of this type of phone volume in the marketplace, it has a stigma of low quality and poor conversions.


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