The word “lead vendor” has a negative stigma these days. Consumers getting bombarded by phone calls, leads being shared dozens of times, and unscrupulous companies submitting bogus consumer information through affiliate networks, posing as a “real time lead”. Those are the exact reasons why Excel™ set out to build a business–we wanted to make a positive difference in a marketplace with murky waters. We don’t look at ourselves as a “lead vendor” but rather, a provider of premium online customer acquisition solutions.

We focus on generating exclusive real-time data leads sourced largely via our owned and operated premium web properties, such a Medigap.com and BurialInsurance.com. This gives us the maximum amount of control, allowing us to see what marketing efforts are working and what is not. We then use this data, along with partner disposition reports, to optimize, refine, and improve constantly.

We live in a day where many people are out for themselves. They do not care about the person on the other end. That is not us. We strive to create a win-win-win environment whereas ALL parties win: the Consumer, our Partners, and of course Ourselves. We focus on providing value across the entire chain, and strive to be a world-class brand focused intensely on premium quality.


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