Medicare Advantage Leads

Medicare Advantage Leads are vital for any insurance agency looking to scale their business. With the explosion of the baby-boomer population, senior citizens are taking to the internet to research, compare, and purchase Medicare Advantage Insurance. Acquiring a steady flow of Medicare Advantage Leads (a.k.a Medicare Part C), you will allow your agency to consistently grow and gain new business.

One of the Excel™ founders previously built a successful national insurance agency specializing in Medicare plans. With this knowledge and insight, we understand what truly separates a high-quality lead versus an average lead. We spare nothing when it comes to quality. Most of our partners consider us to be within their top 5 performing lead sources.

Medicare Advantage leads are available for both demographics below:

• Over Age 64.5
• Under Age 64.5

Those who are under age 64.5 can qualify by reason of disability.

We self-generate thousands of Medicare Advantage Leads per day and have the ability to scale with any strategic partner. Contact us today to learn more about our Medicare leads product offering.