Medicare Supplement Leads

Medicare Supplement Leads are the lifeblood of any insurance agency looking to scale their business. The most important aspect of any business is not the people, process, or product that you have to offer, but instead the amount of customers acquired and retained will determine success. Consistently acquiring quality leads will help achieve this goal.

One of the Excel™ founders previously built a successful national insurance agency specializing in Medicare Supplement Insurance. With this deep knowledge and insight, we understand what separates a truly high-quality lead versus an average lead. We spare nothing when it comes to quality.

Medicare Supplement Leads (a.k.a Medigap Leads), come in many different categories. We offer the following age groups:

• Over Age 64.5
• Under Age 64.5

We generate thousands of Medicare Supplement leads per day, and have the ability to scale with strategic partners. Most of our clients rely upon us as one of their top performing lead sources.

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