We are one of the largest direct generators of Medicare leads in the industry. We offer Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage exclusive leads. We have experience in the Medicare space since 2009 (over a decade), and are extremely familiar with the micro-details of the Medicare marketplace and overall senior citizen demographic. We have the ability to filter by plan type, age, gender, DOB, and more, to effectively optimize your conversion rates and improve your ROI.


The Health insurance industry has experienced rapid change, which has led to an enormous amount of confusion. While this makes it challenging for consumers in the marketplace, it creates the perfect storm for insurance agents. More consumers than ever are out shopping in the marketplace and needing advice from agents to help them navigate the confusion when purchasing a policy. We have kept abreast on the vast changes in the Health insurance marketplace over the last several years, allowing us to generate a large volume of highly targeted consumers ready to purchase insurance. We offer filters such as household size/time, subsidy and non-subsidy classification, qualifying life event (QLE) data, and more, in order to fine-tune your marketing spend and reduce your customer Cost Per Acquisition.


Life insurance has always been, and as far as we see it, always will be a stable insurance vertical. The government should have no reason to regulate (to the level of Health/Medicare insurance) the purchase of Life insurance. Yet, the need to protect loved ones will always remain. This creates a great opportunity for brokers who are looking to manage and promote a stable, year-round insurance product. We offer many different targeting attributes, such as coverage amount requested, tobacco use, DOB, gender, coverage type (term, whole life, etc.), height/weight, medical conditions, and more.


Final Expense insurance is a very quickly growing segment of the overall Life insurance marketplace. The senior citizen demographic is growing at the astounding rate of 10,000+ individuals turning age 65 every day. For those who have witnessed the Medicare vertical explode in growth over the last several years, Final Expense is the next up-and-coming vertical. We own the #1 domain name in this industry, and have years of experience in this space. We are expert marketers in the senior demographic and have been assisting agents, brokers, and carriers to achieve scalable and consistent long-lasting growth. Final Expense leads are not simply your typical Life insurance leads with face amounts of $50k or less, and we get that. The consumer profile is unique and we have a large volume of high-intent consumers requesting quotes daily for this product.


All drivers need auto insurance. That alone makes it an important insurance vertical. Our leads provide several different targeting attributes, such as driving records, type of insurance requested, date of birth, gender, and marital status, so you receive the best leads possible.


Protecting one’s home, family, and belongings is crucial. This creates a great opportunity for insurance agents. Our home leads are targeted, high-quality leads that give you all of the pertinent information needed to close the deal.

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